We were suing The State of Arizona and Arizona Hospitals in Arizona Federal Court when The State of Arizona filed to Terminate our Parental Rights to our daughters. They then withheld the Tempe Police Report showing our Innocents and Terminated Our Parental Rights. We will now EXPOSE what the State of Arizona and Arizona Hospitals have done to destroy our family.  This documentary will be a series because of the large amount of evidences of corruption we have discovered in the last 8 years of Litigation. Our hope is that the documentary will open the public’s eyes and show Human Rights, Constitutional rights, civil rights, parental rights and children rights. and yes crime, has a different effect based on who’s rights have been violated. If you work for the system, crimes are legal, if you fight against crime and corruption, you get punished and loose all rights. There is a thin line between crime and justice. The funding that we are asking for, will help expose the corrupt system called CPS and the far reaching hands of the hospitals and government into the lives of families.